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Commercial Popcorn Machine

This is our commercial popcorn machine, it will provide more popcorn than you know what to do with!

Perfect for feeding the kids in an amusing way or for raising funds.


Our Popcorn Machine is hired out at £50 per hour.

This may seem steep, however this includes unlimited supplies and a skilled operator to work it for the duration of your hire.

The only thing we will require from you is a table for the popcorn machine as it is not hired with the cart for health and safety reasons.


Benefits of Hourly hire

No one needs to be the designated "Popcorn Maker"
Skilled operator, perfect every time, no burnt batches.
Same amount if not more popcorn in the hour than if you done it yourself for 4 hours!
Best of all No Hassle!

Tel: 0781 77 66 958

Popcorn Machine Hire Glasgow